Definition of Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Very few users are actually aware of what's happening behind the results page that appears when searching on the Internet. Search engines like Google, analyze each website in order to extract the key information they will then use to assign a ranking. This makes all the difference in terms of popularity, because a misclassified site will not appear on the first page of results, which means they have fewer visitors and customers. Optimization for SEO , has developed after this, and is designing a website so that it is the highest ranking possible, preferably on the first page of results displayed Google and other search engines. You can accomplish this using various techniques, eg. by carefully placing words and phrases, links, meta tags, and other forms of HTML.

Search Engines

With the development of Internet access and use, the total number of searches is estimated at several billion per day. When you enter a query on a search engine, it retrieves the information provided to it by the user and compares its own data, then returns results indicating the sites most likely to match all or part of the search words. Search engines collect data using complex automated programs that read all the information a site trying to identify its theme and then giving it a kind of score that determines in part its authority on the subject. The robot will search and browse web pages and downloads of the elements on its own servers, in a process called "crawling", during which it retrieves all relevant information of the site which will then be analyzed and used by the ranking algorithm and numerous filters. They are constantly updating search results by adding new data, taking into account new parameters and weighting different parameters that were already taken into account. Search engines use this highly sophisticated system of filters and algorithms to evaluate the information they collect, the details of their operation being a well kept secret!

SEO Consultants

Service providers have specialized in SEO to help companies increase their web presence, ensuring that their sites are popular search engines and are among the first results.

The SEO consultants can intervene during the first stages of creating the website, take a page or site and rewrite so that it gets a better ranking. This is a huge market, which opened for companies that offer SEO services to clients who often do not understand the mechanisms. SEO specialists constantly study and analyze the criteria for ranking search engines on a large number of venues for these tests (a little over sixty in this site) to take the steps that are most relevant for positioning sites of their clients. They also analyze patents or companies acquired by the search engines to understand and anticipate changes that may take place in the future and thus retain their advantage in a highly competitive industry.

The origins of SEO

The SEO techniques have emerged for the first time there are over 10 years. Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Land, mentioned in his blog which comments on the news search engines. By 1995, referencing was a common way to rank well in search engines, and it is at this moment that the first consulting firms have engaged in SEO to produce the best possible results for their clients .

The first algorithm supplying data search engines, called "BackRub", was developed by two graduate students at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This program eventually became a component of the Link Analysis of Google PageRank, named after Larry Page. PageRank assigns a numerical value to each page visited by Google to determine its overall ranking, evaluating the importance of its links. While search engines consider the quality of content, they also take into account inbound links. These links from other sites, can make or break the ranking of a page. Google describes PageRank operation as follows: it interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B.

Search engines had to move quickly, because if they did not provide more meaningful results, they then had to deal with the irritation of users who scored with nothing to do with what they wanted. As search engines were based on the keywords given by webmasters, they realized that it was easy to abuse the system. They could for example fill their pages with keywords that contain names of celebrities.

In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google, which quickly became very popular with surfers because of its ease of use and reliability. The search engine was less likely to be manipulated by questionable SEO techniques, insofar as it ranked pages based on keyword frequency, meta tags, headings, links, PageRank and analysis links, among others. Now, Google admits to using over 250 different parameters to determine the ranking of search results.

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